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Writer, Adventurer, Food Fanatic

Growing up, I learned quickly the value of a home cooked meal prepared with and for the people you love. I’ve always been in the kitchen, it’s a place I associate with my childhood and my roots. 

As an adult, I’ve worked in a bakery and a kitchen, preparing both savory and sweet products for eager customers. My husband and I worked together on Papa G’s Cookies, a resurrection of my grandfather’s cookie recipes from the family bakery. 

My educational background (BA in English) relies heavily on my love of words and language — a testament to my childhood dream of becoming a published  creative writer.​

Naturally, my love of food and my love of words fused and Edible Ink was born. 

Here I hope to weave the history, tradition and passion associated with food into creative narrative for all to enjoy. I hope to convey the stories we tell through and around food. 

Much gratitude to my family, my parents, for encouraging me to follow my dreams and for constantly, incessantly, relentlessly feeding me the tastiest food they could find.

Love & Blessings,

Lauren Harvey

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