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Where to Eat in San Luis Obispo

Welcome to San Luis Obispo! With local produce, quality meats and fresh seafood, there are plenty of great dining options in the area. Here’s a short list of where to eat in San Luis Obispo. Scroll for details and map locations for each restaurant. Happy eating!

Simple Strawberry Salad Recipe

The best strawberry salad to celebrate summer — no arugula in sight! Only a few ingredients to complement the naturally delectable strawberries. Here, quality counts.

Dairy-Free Pesto Sauce (“I love you,” Green Sauce)

This is a pesto adjacent, totally adjustable, absolutely delicious sauce that will make anyone you prepare it for tell you that they love you. Perfect over white beans, drizzled on top of roasted chicken, or sneaking a heaping spoonful in your pantry before dinner. Honestly, I could eat this on anything. All day, every day.

Best Homemade Salsa Recipe

This easy homemade salsa recipe packs a flavorful punch, but is mild enough to please a crowd. Serve it with chips and fresh guacamole, atop a pile of nachos or with flautas.

Grilled Cabbage with Tahini Dressing

Grilled cabbage renders crisp charred outer leaves and tender inside. Enjoy a perfect complementary tang from the tahini dressing. Simply delicious. This is a perfect easy grilling recipe for the summer!

Easiest Tahini Dressing – Sugar-Free

This easy Tahini Dressing takes only a few minutes to prepare! Make it with easy-to-find ingredients and sweeten naturally with dates. Keep this recipe on hand whenever you want a savory, natural dressing!

Instant Pot Quinoa | Meal Prep

Sized for meal prep, this Instant Pot Quinoa recipe is the easiest, fastest way to make fluffy, perfect quinoa every time! Make once and enjoy throughout the week or freeze some for later.

Mushroom Marinated Tofu

This tofu packs a flavorful umami punch thanks to the mushroom marinade. It’s got a satisfying meaty bite — without the meat! Serve with rice or noodles and stir-fried veggies for a quick and tasty meal.

Where to eat in LA

A quick guide on where to eat in LA, including hidden gems, classic spots and local favorites, centering in West Hollywood.

Easy Kale Chips – Vegan, GF

Satisfyingly crunchy, deliciously cheesy, and ready in about 30 minutes. Can you think of a better way to eat your greens? These Kale Chips are super easy, and vegan & gluten free.

Eat Seasonally: Spring

Hello spring! This marks the beginning of peak fruit season (which runs spring through summer) here in Central California. Leafy green vegetables make an appearance, as well as my personal favorite — the almighty artichoke. Check out this quick guide to spring produce, complete with recipes to get you started.

Strawberry Cake – Dairy Free

Simple strawberry cake made from a boxed muffin mix? Yup. Comes together in 15 minutes with the help of some homemade strawberry milk for a luxe spring cake.

Spring Harvest Rice | Meal Prep Recipe – Vegan

This is a meal prep recipe that can easily be adapted to supplement different proteins and side dishes throughout the week, or to be used as is for a delicious and healthy meal prep lunch!
It’s flavor profile is flexible and truly can be made into a side dish or entrée with anything. Similar to Spanish Rice, Spring Harvest Rice uses fresh tomatoes and a plethora of vegetables and spices.
Make as is and this will yield about 10 cups of nutrient-rich rice.

Chickpea Salad | Vegetarian Recipe

A quick and easy recipe for hearty, delicious chickpea salad. Think of it like chicken salad, but with chickpeas and bell peppers instead of chicken and celery! Enjoy on toasted bread, over leafy greens, or on your favorite crackers. Vegan option and meal prep friendly.

Stovetop Applesauce | healthy Stovetop Applesauce Recipe

Stovetop Applesauce | Recipe (Sugar Free Option)

This applesauce recipe provides a guideline to make easy, homemade applesauce. Adjust sugar and spices to your own tastes. Cut the apples according to how long you have to cook it, and how chunky (or smooth) you’d like your applesauce. Tastes great, simple to prepare and way better than store bought!

Pine nuts

Where do Pine Nuts come from? | Pine Nut Recipes

We all know pine nuts right? Those small, decadent, outrageously expensive nuts that melt like butter on the tongue and give traditional basil pesto it’s signature flavor. But where do they come from? Today, we’ll find out!

Sugar-Free Crepes | Recipe

Easy sugar-free crepes make a great base for a delicious breakfast, dinner or side dish! Make them sweet or savory depending on your toppings of choice.

What is Meal Prep and Why Should You Consider It? | Lifestyle

Meal prep is growing in popularity as a method of saving money on going out, maintaining a healthy diet, or just being able to enjoy a home-cooked meal without actually having to cook the entire meal every night. Learn what meal prep is, why it’s appealing, and how to start.

The Unknown Mexican Chef

The Unknown Mexican Chef

Sometimes in life, you meet a taco that changes you forever. One Sunday, in the parking lot of a country market, I met that taco. This is our story.

Winter Produce

Winter Produce: Eating Seasonally

Winter may be the season of staying indoors, but it’s still rife with delicious fruits and vegetables. Check out this quick guide to winter produce, complete with recipes to get you started.

Best Biscotti Recipe | A Christmas Tradition |

Biscotti : A Christmas Tradition

In our Italian-American family, we make biscotti every Christmas. A tradition that started with my grandparents, we carry it on today.