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Where do you begin to tell a story as expansive, diverse and culturally pertinent as the story of food? Through history, tradition, or family heritage, there is infinite significance entwined in all cuisine. The story of food is deeply personal, be it a social phenomenon or the reverence with which one dish is passed down from generation to generation.

And so, that story must begin with one person, one family, one perspective. Here on Edible Ink, you’ll read the bite-size histories embedded in the way we prepare, consume and share food. My goal, as a writer, is to extract the stories embedded in our culture of food, crafting palatable prose meant to engage, teach and memorialize. 

You’ll see recipes and the occasional restaurant review local to the Central Coast of California. But most of all, here on Edible Ink, we hope you’ll see the heart, the personality and the significance that exists in something as perceptively small as say, a family cookie recipe. 

Here we aim to uncover the experience of food — the tastes, sights, and smells –to its more pure state, the meaning behind every bite. Transforming a family dish into a narrative that is food for the soul, so central to our humanity, is accessible here, on Edible Ink.

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Lauren Harvey

Creative writer, home cook, SLO Life Magazine Health writer and wife always making, learning and finding new adventures. Living by grace. Prone to wander.

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