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What is Meal Prep and Why Should You Consider It? | Lifestyle

Meal prep is growing in popularity as a method of saving money on going out, maintaining a healthy diet, or just being able to enjoy a home-cooked meal without actually having to cook the entire meal every night. Learn what meal prep is, why it’s appealing, and how to start.

Biscotti : A Christmas Tradition

In our Italian-American family, we make biscotti every Christmas. A tradition that started with my grandparents, we carry it on today.

Best Netflix Shows about Food

Unlike Food Network cooking shows, Netflix food shows tend toward travel and story-telling. In these shows we learn not only about new foods, but we learn of the culture behind them and the people that make them. Here’s a list of the best shows on Netflix that center around food (in no particular order).

A Year in Blogging With Edible Ink | Lifestyle

This post is a celebration of Edible Ink’s first year in the blogosphere, an intent for the year to come and general notes on what I’ve learned about blogging over the past year.

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