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How to use the social media calendar

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to set up your Social Media Calendar Planner Spreadsheet.

First, download the spreadsheet.

Next, let’s set up your Platforms.

The spreadsheet comes with three spots for custom Platforms. We’ll do a find and replace in Excel to insert your own platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). If you only use two platforms, you can use the Platform 3 space to note when new blog posts will be going up on your website.

To do this, start by clicking the “Find & Select” button, then click “Replace…”

The “Find & Replace…” dialog box will pop-up. In the “Find what:” area type Platform 1. In the “Replace with” area type your desired platform. In this example, I used Instagram.

Next, we’re going to adjust the options to change all instances of “Platform 1” for the entire workbook at one time. This means that across all tabs (three months per tab; four tabs total) “Platform 1” will be changed to whatever you choose to type in at this time.

To access this next menu, click “Options” in the lower right corner of the dialog box. This will display more options in the dialog box. Here, we’re going to change the “Within” setting. It will default to “Sheet”. Use the dropdown menu to change “Sheet” to “Workbook.”

Next, click “Replace All” on the lower left corner of the dialog box.

And you’re done! You can see the change implemented on the left side of this screenshot. “Platform 1” now says Instagram.

Repeat this process for Platform 2 and Platform 3, and any other row names that you’d like to customize.

Add your own holidays

The Social Media Calendar comes with holidays already added. However, you’re free to add your own specific to your blog’s niche! To do this, simply click on the cell with the date of the holiday, and type in the holiday.

To add color to your holiday, to make it stand out, click the paint can icon on the Excel toolbar.

Next, to add borders around the holiday, click on the icon with four squares (add border icon) which is located just to the left of the Paint can icon.

And you’re done!

Add your content and enjoy.

Use the calendar to plan months in advance, jot down content ideas, and easily plan out an entire month’s worth of content in minutes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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