Rainy Day Recipes

Here on the Central Coast, we’re in for a week (or longer…) of rain and social distancing. All this time at home is the perfect opportunity to dig into some recipes and learn to make some of your favorites at home, or try something new! This is an assortment of some of my favorite recipes to make when I have ample time at home.

Easy Fluffy White Bread

This is about as easy as a bread recipe gets. Perfect recipe for your first bread attempt. Form the dough into whatever shape best suits your needs, be it small rolls or one big loaf. Since the recipe is so basic, its easy to transform it to whatever you have in mind, be it a savory dinner bread or sweet dessert bread. Try adding chocolate chips and using the loaf for an extra sweet french toast, or folding in cloves of peeled, roasted garlic for an extra flavorful roll at dinnertime.

Stovetop Apple Sauce

Think of this as more of a loose guideline as opposed to a hard and fast recipe with mandatory measurements to follow. Apple sauce is simple — the key is to cook it slowly and be patient. Use as many apples as you’d like. Cook everything down and adjust to your tastes after the apples are broken down and saucey. Enjoy!

Homemade Pizza

As I perused Food for Less at 10:30 pm last night in an effort to avoid the inevitable crowd, I noticed the entire 8 foot frozen pizza section was completely empty. I understand the convenience of frozen pizza, but it is also completely accessible to make pizza at home, especially when you have nothing but time on your hands! The bonus here is you can add the toppings you want. For a family, I suggest making one large batch of dough and dividing the doughs up so each person can top their own pizza. It makes for a wonderful evening and tasty dinner!

Read my full post on homemade pizza here. Scroll to the bottom for the full pizza dough recipe.

Here’s some fun topping ideas. Get creative and try new combos with what you have on hand/what you love to eat!

Kale Chips

I’ll admit I was skeptical of how good kale chips would actually be — after all they don’t seem like the best contender for a crunchy delicious chip. Thankfully, these exceeded my expectations. If you make these, be prepared to eat them all in one sitting. That’s what happens in my house! They aren’t as sturdy as your typical potato chip, but do pack a satisfying crisp. The nutritional yeast gives them an irresistibly cheesy flavor. Yum.

* * *

What else are you interested in cooking on a rainy day? Send me a note and let me know!

As always, enjoy.

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