Homemade Chocolate Syrup | Recipe

Chocolate Syrup – versatile & delicious. Make chocolate milk, hot chocolate or drizzle over ice cream. How about a fun fondue night? Cut up strawberries, berries, whatever fruit you fancy and use skewers to dip into a big pot of this homemade chocolate syrup.

Since discovering my unfortunate sensitivity to processed sweeteners (looking at you Corn Syrup), I’ve managed to cut most out of my life. I feel better, have less migraines and generally don’t miss too much. Except for my beloved chocolate. Thankfully, Zero Waste Chef posted this recipe for making chocolate syrup at home. I substituted monkfruit sugar for granulated so I can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate without a pounding migraine.

I adapted Zero Waste Chef’s recipe to fit my chocolate cravings — meaning I quadrupled it and slightly decreased the amount of sugar. I like the slight bitterness of cocoa powder to come through, which is why I decreased the sugar.

You can make this with granulated sugar, or maybe try a mix of brown and granulated. The brown sugar will probably give it a heavier body and more of a molasses/honey feel. At least, that’s my guess.

Try this syrup stirred into your morning cup of coffee or drizzled over waffles.

Update: This recipe works with monkfruit sugar, however it does seem to crystalize once the syrup is cooled. Shake or stir to reintegrate into the syrup. This should not be an issue with granulated sugar, as it dissolves easily into the hot water.

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