How to Juice without a Juicer | Lifestyle

If you don’t have one of these big money juicers…

…and you’d really like fresh juiced fruits & veggies, it is POSSIBLE!

To do this, you’ll need:

  • Standard blender, NutriBullet or similar blending vessel
  • Fruit(s) and/or vegetable(s) of choice
  • Square of cheesecloth
  • Nice glass bowl
  • Handy funnel
  • A jar or container in which to store your juice.

I’d venture 75% of these items are already in your kitchen! Yay!

Let’s get started.

1. Select your fruits and/or veggies. Wash and dry them. Cut out the core/seeds any parts you do not want in your juice. Then dice. For harder vegetables such as beets, you’ll want to help your blender out by cutting them smaller. Fruits tend to blend easier, and may not need to be cut as much as vegetables.

2. Add a splash of water. Depending on the tenacity of your blender, it may be able to handle the fruits or vegetables without any additional liquid. Having a Nutri Bullet, I know that I do have to add water or it won’t blend. A few tablespoons should work just fine.

3. Blend until smooth.

4. Place the cheesecloth over the glass bowl. This will serve to catch any pulp or mass in your juice. I recommend cutting the cheesecloth with overhang on the bowl, so it is easier to pick up and ring out. Pour the entire contents of the blender through the cheesecloth.

5. Gently lift the cheesecloth from the bowl by bringing all the sides together to form a seal. Squeeze the pulp in the cheesecloth to remove any remaining juice. Your bowl should now be full of delicious fresh juice!

6. Place a funnel into the mouth of your desired storage jar. Pour the juice from the bowl into the jar. Keep refrigerated and consume within 3-5 days for maximum freshness.

*BONUS* Save the pulp! Pulp can be frozen and used in smoothies, soups or stocks. For easy handling, pack pulp into an empty ice cube tray. When frozen solid, remove from tray and store in freezer-safe packaging until ready to use. No waste!


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