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Orange Carrot Ginger Juice (Blender Recipe)

New to making juice at home? This simple orange carrot ginger juice recipe is a great place to start!

Orange Carrot Ginger Juice Recipe

This recipe can be made in a traditional juicer, but it can also be made in a blender at home! Whichever your preferred method for juicing, this recipe is a great place to start.

With three simple ingredients and a straightforward process, this Orange Carrot Ginger Juice is a great beginner-friendly recipe.

orange carrot ginger juice recipe easy blender method

Buying juice fresh, while convenient, can get expensive. Using simple, fresh ingredients is a great way to add more juice to your day without the hefty price tag.

Simply, choose your oranges, carrots and a knob of ginger. Cut to size as needed for your juicer (or blender), removing peels and skin. Then process and strain if desired.

Replacing your morning orange juice with this Orange Carrot Ginger Juice is a great way to integrate additional nutrients and vitamins into your day.

Oranges provide a boost of vitamin C and folate (that helps your tissues and cells function). Carrots offer a dose of beta-carotene, which your body processes into Vitamin A, essential to keeping your eyes healthy. Ginger provides invaluable digestive support as well as give your immune system a boost.

Though a humble combination of ingredients, this Orange Carrot Ginger Juice gives you a heavy-duty dose of essential nutrients, all packed into one tasty glass.

How to Choose Produce for Juicing

When making juice at home, it’s important to choose your produce wisely. Organic or farm fresh produce works best. Since all the produce in your juice will be consumed raw, it’s vital that it’s of the best and freshest quality.

Cara Cara Oranges are great for juicing. They are typically sweeter in flavor and contain more juice than navel oranges. You may find them to be a bit more in cost than navel, but it’s worth it for the added flavor!

orange carrot ginger juice recipe easy blender method how to make orange carrot ginger juice

To prepare the oranges for juicing, simply remove the peel and divide into sections as if you were going to eat the orange. Remove any seeds as needed before processing. This will ensure a smoother juicing process and prevent any unwanted flavors from being incorporated into your juice!

For carrots, stick with orange. The rainbow carrots (like from Trader Joes) are beautiful, but all juiced together would result in an unappetizing brown-ish mess. Opt for organic, scrub well and remove the peels. Depending on the type of juicer you have, you may need to cut the carrots into small pieces before processing. If you are using the blender method, cut into reasonably sized chunks so they blend better.

When choosing ginger for juicing, pick up the fresh whole ginger root. It should be firm to the touch. Wrinkled skin on ginger means its getting old and drying out — not ideal for juicing!

To easily peel the ginger, use a spoon. Yep, a spoon! It gently removes the skin from the ginger without taking off hunks of the ginger flesh. Plus, it’s a safer way to ensure you can peel the ginger effectively without taking off any of your own skin.

This recipe uses 1/4″ knob of ginger, however you can adjust to your own taste. If you like the spicy kick of raw ginger, feel free to add more!

How to Make Orange Carrot Ginger Juice in the Blender

Don’t have a fancy juicer? Never fear! The blender method is here!

I have an entire post on the blog about an easy way to make fresh juice at home using a blender and some simple kitchen tools.

orange carrot ginger juice

The process is relatively simple. Start by preparing your produce. Peel and segment the oranges, wash, peel and cut the carrots, peel and slice the ginger.

How to Juice without a Juicer (Blender Method)
Use your blender to makes fresh "pressed" juice. No special equipment needed!
Check out this recipe

Next, add all the ingredients into your blender. Blend away! If things are having a hard time blending smoothly, add a small amount of water at a time until you achieve the desired consistency.

After blending, it’s time to strain your juice. Use a large glass jar (like a Mason jar) with a funnel on top. Add a fine sieve on top with cheesecloth laid on top of that. This creates a fine filtration system for the juice to pass through. Doing so ensures that your juice is smooth, without chunks! Pour the juice slowly through your filtration system.

Stop and press the pulp out as needed with a silicon spatula. Once you’ve strained all the juice, gather the cheesecloth and squeeze out any remaining liquid. There you go! You’ve just made fresh “squeezed” juice in your blender.

Benefits of Drinking Fresh Juices

Drinking fresh juice has many benefits and making juice at home is even better! Making juice at home allows you to choose which produce you’d like.

The first and most important benefit of drinking juices at home is that it’s delicious! Fresh juice is flavorful, and depending on the produce you use can be sweet, tart or even spicy.

Drinking fresh juices is hydrating. Pair a glass with your morning cup of coffee or tea to start the day off right!

orange carrot ginger juice

Of course there are many other benefits to drinking fresh juice, like getting all of the nutrients from the fresh, raw produce. It’s important to note that while doing so is a great way to get some vital nutrition, hydrate and overall increase your joy it is not a quick fix for anything. And we definitely don’t recommend drinking three gallons of juice a day without any food. That’s a recipe for disaster!

Orange Carrot Ginger Juice

New to making juice at home? This simple orange carrot ginger juice recipe is a great place to start!
This recipe can be made in a traditional juicer, but it can also be made in a blender at home! Whichever your preferred method for juicing, this recipe is a great place to start.
Course: Beverage
Keyword: fresh juice, How to juice at home, How to juice without a juicer, orange carrot ginger juice
Servings: 3 servings
Author: Lauren Harvey


  • 3 carrots, peeled and cut into chunks
  • 3 oranges
  • ¼" ginger, peeled add more if you'd like your juice to have more of a kick


Prepare the Produce

  • Peel the oranges and break into segments. Wash and peel the carrots. Cut into appropriate size for your juicer (or blender). Peel ginger with a spoon and slice thinly.

Make the Juice

  • Make the juice in your juicer as needed.
    If using a blender, follow the blender juice instructions in recipe notes.

Store and Enjoy

  • Enjoy the juice fresh, or store in an airtight glass container in the fridge for up to 3 days. Store in the freezer if you aren't planning on drinking immediately to retain flavor and nutritional value.


How to Make Fresh Juice in the Blender.
  • Depending on the tenacity of your blender, and the combination of produce you select, you may be able to blend without a splash of water. Try first, then if things get stuck, add a bit of water, adding more in small amounts as needed to make sure everything blend smoothly.
  • Blend away! Add water as needed to ensure the best blend. The key here is making sure everything is nice and fine.
  • Place a funnel into a wide mouthed mason jar, or similar container. In the funnel, set the fine mesh strainer. Over the strainer, drape the square of cheese cloth. Cut the cheesecloth to fit if needed, leaving about 1-2″ overhang to make picking up the cheesecloth easier. Carefully pour the entire contents of the blender through the cheesecloth.
  • Pour the blender contents through the cheesecloth. The juice will flow through the cheesecloth, the strainer, down the funnel and into the jar with no pulp.
  • Gently lift the cheesecloth from the bowl by bringing all the sides together to form a seal. Squeeze the pulp in the cheesecloth to remove any remaining juice.
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