A basket of pao de queijo

Pão De Quiejo : Brazilian Cheese Bread | Recipe

Oh yes. Today we're making the traditional Brazilian staple: pão de queijo. Literally translated, it means "bread of cheese" and really, that's a great description. Soft, fluffy small rounds of cheesy goodness. Let's get started!

Marbled Orange Espresso Cupcakes | Baking

These marbled cupcakes are sure to impress -- no mixer required! Make the separate orange and espresso batters then swirl in the cupcake tins to create the gorgeous marbled effect. Top with the orange espresso buttercream for the perfect treat for the adventurous dessert fanatic in your life -- or you know, just to have around as a quick snack!

Creamed Spinach | Recipe – Vegan

Yes, this is a no cream Creamed Spinach recipe! One of my favorite vegetable dishes, creamed spinach is something I dearly missed being dairy free. After some research, I came across this Vegan Creamed Spinach recipe from Detoxinista.com. Let me tell you, it is GOOD. Really, you could make the cashew garlic cream sauce and…

Lemon Cake with Blueberry Compote | Baking – Dairy Free

Grocery stores have become some kind of battleground, shoppers donning face masks and plastic gloves, hand sanitizer and lysol holstered at the ready. Six months ago, this is not how any of us imagined such a mundane activity, grocer shopping, to be. And yet, here we are. As stocks of staples dwindle, we rely ever…

Homemade Chocolate Syrup | Recipe

Chocolate Syrup - versatile & delicious. Make chocolate milk, hot chocolate or drizzle over ice cream. How about a fun fondue night? Cut up strawberries, berries, whatever fruit you fancy and use skewers to dip into a big pot of this homemade chocolate syrup. Since discovering my unfortunate sensitivity to processed sweeteners (looking at you…